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Stats & Skill Quests – Hell Difficulty


Quests that will be done:
– Den of Evil (Act 1)
– Radament (Act 2)
– Tome (Act 3)
– Izual (Act 4)
– Shenk (Act 5)
– Anya (Act 5)

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This purchase will get you All Skill & Stat Quests on Hell difficulty.

This is ONLY for Skill & Stats Quests, and will be given for as far as your character allows it.

If your character can access Act 4, Stats and Skill Quests will only be given for Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, Act 4, and NOT Act 5, as your character can’t access this area.

When your character is rushed untill Act 5 you will get ALL Stats and Skill Quests of the purchased difficulty.

Write Account, Password and Character name wanted for this service in your order comment, or send us an email after the purchase, with your account & character information.

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