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Hammerdin Equipment(POWER) with Insight Merc


Harlequin Crest Shako +141 defense
Enigma Archon Plate / Dusk Shroud
Heart of the Oak Flail +40 All Resist
Herald of Zakarum – 190+% ED
Stone of Jordan
Stone of Jordan
Mara Kaleidoscope +30 All Resist
Sandstorm Trek 15 Str / 15 Vita
Arachnid Mesh +120% ED
Magefist +30% ED
1x Unid Anni
Paladin Hellfire – 17-19 Resist All/17-19 Stats
9 x Pack – Paladin Combat Skills GC (plain)
10x Small Charms +20 Life
Call to Arms Flail/Crystal Sword – 6 BO
Paladin Bo Spirit – 25-29% FCR
Andarials - Ethereal
Insight Cryptic Axe/Colossus Voulge/Thresher – Ethereal – 17 Med
Fortitude Ethereal 3000+ Def

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