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About Us

D2Hope is your  Diablo 2 Item Shop for all your Diablo 2 needs!

We offer a large variety of Diablo 2 items and services such as:

Leveling Service – Runewords – Unmade Runewords – High Runes – Low Runes – Amulets – Rings – Armors – Shields – Boots – Belts – Charms – Jewels – Torches – Anni’s – Weapons – Merc Gear Pack – Full Character Gears / Equipement for all classes and many more!

We also offer Custom Orders for your specific needs – Contact us on Live chat and let us know your specific needs.

Our goal is to provide the best service possible, please note that we are in early release, so if you occur any bugs or when something is unclear please contact us.

Feel free to chat with us through Live chat or by sending us an e-mail.

Great Regards,

Team D2Hope. is your Diablo 2 Itemstore for all your Diablo expansions.

A D2 Item Shop with years of experience and devotion to the game.

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